Screen Enclosure Repairs Fort Myers

We have built our reputation in Fort Myers as the company that provides screen enclosure repairs quickly. We have a professional, friendly staff as well. In addition to our friendly staff, we only employ trained screen technicians. Our professional screen technicians will be at your house, at the scheduled time, and ready to work.

We begin by checking your entire enclosure for damage and showing you each panel that is in need of repair. This doesn’t mean you need to replace all of them, we just want you to be aware of them. Many times you will not see a damaged roof panel from the ground. There are also times a screen panel may have a small hole or tear that is not visible until it gets worse.

Some of our screen enclosure repairs include:

  • Pool Enclosure: If you are noticing more mosquitoes or more debris in your pool area lately, chances are there are one or more panels with holes in them. Give us a call and we will get your enclosure bug-free and debris-free again.
  • Screened Porch: Whether you have a small screened porch or an entire backyard oasis, we have the experience to get your screen enclosure looking good again.
  • Screen Door: In addition to replacing the screens in your door, we can also re-adjust it so it closes properly and replace the hardware and bug sweeps.
Ocoee Screen Enclosure Repairs

Some of our other services include:

  • Pet Door Installation
  • Screen Maintenance

Screen we use for our screen enclosure repairs:

We proudly only use Phifer screen which is one of the strongest products around. We have found this screen to be the perfect choice for Florida enclosures. It will stand up to harsh sun and storms we experience.

  • Phifer Standard 18 x 14 Mesh: We will screen each and every panel we replace with this screen unless you request a different type of screen.
  • Phifer Pet Screen: Commonly known as pet screen, this screen is 7 times stronger than standard screen. This additional strength allows it to resist punctures and scratches that your pets may make.
  • Phifer Glas Shield: Nicknamed Florida Glass, this screen is made of a vinyl laminated mesh for extra privacy. Besides being used along an enclosure wall for privacy, it can be used along the bottom row of an enclosure. This will help keep the debris from your yard coming into the enclosure.

For all of your screen enclosure repairs in Fort Myers, call 407-421-9936 or fill out our simple request form. We will answer any questions you may have about our screen enclosure repair services.